DiscoVR 2.0 - Warsaw's virtual reality center is changing beyond recognition

The ambitious VR project DISCOVR, created by Bogumił Jankiewicz, is entering a new phase of development. After more than a year of work, the premises located in Warsaw's Mokotów gained a completely new look, which coincided with the premiere of the prototype of the proprietary multi-directional treadmill VR GAMENASTIX. A lot of innovative entertainment has also appeared in the premises at Garażowa.

The VR revolution that has swept the world in the last few years does not slow down, and certainly not in Poland. DISCOVR, which is the largest center of this type on the Vistula River, stands out among the virtual reality salons emerging all over the country. The premises opened over two years ago, not only hosts thousands of customers each month, but above all is subject to constant modifications to provide VR fans with new experiences.

The flagship product of the company is in the prototype phase, i.e. the first European multidirectional treadmill designed for use in VR. The treadmill will eventually be sold in version marked 2.0 for sale in 2019, but today version 1.8 can be tested on site at DISCOVR. At the same time, the team is working on their own games, especially hoping to connect them with the Dust2Dust VR fight.

"GAMENASTIX treadmill is our VR eye in the head. Thanks to the new prototype, we cannot only move around virtual locations, but also jump, bend down and look behind the covers. This is a completely different, higher level of immersion, and most importantly you can check how it works in our premises today "- comments Bogumił Jankiewicz, CEO of DISCOVR.

However, this is not all, the renovated simulator zone will appear in the salon. Aircraft, rollercoaster and classic car simulators are already operating today. Thanks to new equipment in DISCOVR you can feel the sport emotions in the role of, among others skier or snowboarder. Work is also underway on launching the first robot fighting arena in Poland. At the moment, the first robots are almost ready, which will soon be able to compete. The team from Garażowa is also conducting talks with robotics departments from universities from all over Poland, which will ultimately translate into organization of national competitions.


Founded by Bogumił Jankiewicz, one of the creators of the Bobby Burger network, the Disco WTMH company, not only the largest virtual reality center in Poland operating under the name DiscoVR, but also the GAMENASTIX team producing proprietary hardware and a development studio