Bachelor & Spinster Night - Disco VR Warszawa

Do you want to spend your bachelor party in Warsaw in an interesting and unusual way? VR, which is the virtual reality that you will find in our electronic entertainment park, will provide your guests and you with emotions that you have never dreamed of!

Crazy warm-up fun

In the Discovr Amusement Park in Warsaw, spinster and bachelor nights are events that thanks to VR technology everyone remembers as a crazy adventure with a powerful charge of positive energy. Invite your guests to incredible fun
- we guarantee that you will sink into a completely different reality and together you will learn a whole new dimension of entertainment. During the evening you can, among others:
- race on the most famous car tracks in the world,
-  take part in the battle of fighters in the historical war scenery,
- have an exciting rollercoaster ride,
- challenge yourself in fun team games.

As many as a dozen attractions to choose from, you will not be bored for a moment! It's about 3 hours of fun full of laughter and lots of impressions that will certainly be remembered and charged with positive energy for the rest of the evening.

Special room for spinster/bachelor night in VR

At Discovr we offer a separate room for bachelor and spinster nights. This is a new room in our Warsaw office that can seat up to 12 people. The room is air-conditioned and equipped with a number of equipment that will diversify your fun. There is, among others, large screen and sound system - you can use them to play games (we suggest Xbox), movies or music.
The cost of renting a room depending on the scope of services is from 200 PLN per hour. Due to the high interest in the room and closed events taking place in companies, please book in advance

Bar area to cool emotions

After a crazy fun in the Electronic Entertainment Zone, you can invite your guests to the bar area, in which you will calm down with experience and relax. You can stay in this part of the place for no extra charge, as long as you want. It is worth taking advantage of the offer, because the bar serves:
-  delicious pizza on real Italian dough,
- the best craft beer
- a large selection of drinks, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages,
- snacks, among others nachos with cheese and Mexican dips and cotton candy.

Discovr Amusement Park is the perfect place for an unusual spinster or bachelor party in Warsaw. VR is a technology that gives unlimited possibilities of entertainment, which is why it caters to everyone's taste, regardless of gender and age. Thanks to it, every party just has to go!